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Annual Fleet President’s Message

Annual Fleet President’s Message

March 31, 2021

Hello J/30 Class Members,

I want to thank the J/30 Board of Governors for their support and vote of confidence in me to be the next Class President. It’s a huge honor to be nominated for this position given the history of our class, much less to […]

Thank You TOTALed Mayhem

Video by Sam Haksteen

Annual Fleet President’s Message

Happy New Year, J30 Class!

I’m humbled to be writing to you as the new 2020 Class President, voted in this past fall at the 2019 North American Championship in Annapolis, MD. Ironically, as I look back at the history of the class, these great boats have been around for 41 years; maybe not […]

2019 J/30 North American Championship @ AYC

J/30 North American Championship

Hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club, the J/30 NAs unfolded off Annapolis September 20-22. Find full J/30 results here and top three results below.

Will Keyworth took photos for SpinSheet, but stand by as he processes them—it was a busy weekend for his sailing as well as being a photographer! We […]

Inside the Classes: The J/30
Sailing World

“Built to Last, Not to a Price,” is how J/Boats once described its iconic 30-foot family racer/cruiser. Introduced in 1979 and built until Tillotson Pearson put the molds out to pasture in 1987, production came to a halt at hull No. 546. Where they all ended up is anyone’s guess, but today, there are […]