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We will miss you Bonnie Schloss

My dear friends and fellow sailors,

It is with the deepest of sorrow that I have to inform you of the loss of one of the stalwarts of our fleet. This afternoon Bonnie Schloss passed away. Having battled breast cancer for the a number of months, Bonnie entered hospice yesterday and sadly passed this afternoon.

I know I do not need to tell most of you, but Bonnie was active in our fleet until perhaps just a few months ago. Ron will be able to better define that as although she had stopped racing her own boat, “Bear Away” perhaps 8 years ago,I saw her out drifting along with friends on Bear Away in August of 2016 and I believe continued she even continued to race with Ron last season.

Bonnie’s history with the J30 fleet goes back far beyond my 14 years, and I am sure the stories will abound, however I will share just one.

I had the great privilege of organizing and competing in the most recent J30 North American Championship. Despite no longer being an active racer in the fleet, Bonnie contacted me and asked if she could help in any way. Having sailed with her on Insatiable for 9 or 10 years I knew of her passion for photography. Between her, me , and others that I do not remember we were lucky enough to get Bonnie a ride on a spectator boat for our regatta. As a result, we have some fantastic pictures of each and every boat entered into that regatta. I will pull up that file again in the coming days and send it back out to everyone; and we all will have a little snippet by which to remember our friend.

There will be a land based sailor gathering and a spreading of her ashes in her beloved waters in the Spring.

8 Bells Bonnie, you will be missed.

Your Friend, Tristan


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