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Annual Fleet President’s Message

J/30 JetLag Switzerland

March 31, 2022

Hello J/30 Class Members,

Spring 2022 has finally arrived. Here in the Mid-Atlantic region we are still experiencing sub-freezing nights in late March, but there are many reasons to be thankful as a full season of racing, cruising and general enjoyment of sailing is right around the corner. Boat yards are starting to bustle with the sound of sanders, the smell of fiberglass and new bottom paint. Sailmakers are busy and divers are cleaning their gear. Soon the warm evenings of late April will envelope Wednesday night racers as they stretch their muscles into familiar positions not available on land. Crews will be juggling the musical chairs of graduations, weddings, reunions, vacations, summer camps and regatta events. All the everyday wonderful things that bring so much meaning to our lives. Enjoy your time on the water this season. The mirror finish of an early morning anchorage, the pull of the tiller, the chaotic symphony of a crowded leeward mark rounding, and the adrenaline rush of the starting horn. Invite new people to sail, get juniors involved, above all have fun sailing.

The expected 2021 J/30 North American Championship planned for last October New Orleans, and 40th Anniversary, had to be postponed and ultimately cancelled. I know that was an extremely disappointing result for the event planners and participants. This year, the 2022 NA Championship and 40th Anniversary event will be held in Annapolis, hosted by the Eastport Yacht Club, regatta link: J/30 North American Championship – Eastport Yacht Club. Dates are September 23/24/25. We plan to make the New Orleans folks proud with a large party fitting the 40th anniversary of this great class. Please make every effort to attend this special event. The Annapolis Fleet Captain, Heidi Frist, Suzie Q, is doing tremendous work to make this a signature regatta.

The BOG has approved the next three North American Championship event locations:
2023 – Bristol (August 24-27)
2024 – Annapolis
2025 – New Orleans

Additionally, there are 5-6 never-used masts that look to be available from RigRite’s inventory, plus a used mast purchased last year. This should keep the fleet well provisioned into the future. We are also looking at a solution for Martec prop availability issue. Our Treasury balance is sound, as there have been (unfortunately) fewer regatta expenses the past two years. We are looking at updating the NA Perpetual Trophy since we have run out of room on the original plaque and the extension board, we need to make room for 40 more NA winners!

I would like to thank all the members of the Board of Governors for keeping this fleet in such good shape. Their enthusiasm and commitment the J/30 Class is truly outstanding. It is inspiring to be in the company of such accomplished and dedicated people. Your board members are:

Dave Erwin, Past Co-President
Dan Mather, Past Co-President, Treasurer
Bill Kneller, Past President
Carl Sherter, Past Treasurer
Larry Christy, Class Chief Measurer
Bob Rutsch, Governor at Large
Dennis Bartley, Governor at Large
Heidi Frist, Chesapeake Fleet
Mark Rotsky, Southern New England Fleet
Rod Johnstone, J/Boats Representative
Steve Buzbee, Long Island Sound
Randy Boyles, Carolinas
TBD, Southeast
Billy Ross, Gulf Coast
Dell Todd, Western Great Lakes

Special thanks to Dave Erwin for all his work and to Dan Mather for staying on as Treasurer.

Please reach out to me with any questions or needs relating to NA’s and don’t forget to keep your dues current, details are on the J/30 Class website:

Have a great year!

Bruce Irvin
J/30 Class President

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