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Congratulations Team Zephyr
Gulf Yachting Association
Women’s Championship

Congratulations to Team Zephyr helmed by US Sailing Board Member, Clerc Cooper (SYC) with crew members Mary Hewes (NOYC), Whitney Kent (Sheboygan YC – Team Rafiki), Lauren Loeffelholz (NOYC), Dani McNeil (NOYC), Katie Triplett (NOYC-Sunday), Jessica Quinn (NOYC Commodore), Jessica Oswalt (NOYC) and Alex Betzios (NOYC-Saturday). Check out the photos via DropBox + New Orleans Sailing.


Annual Fleet President’s Message

Greetings and Happy New Year to all of our fellow J/30 sailors and all those visiting our website. All J/30 sailors know the J/30 is not only a great racing boat but also a great family cruiser and day sailing boat. It can be fast in light air and can with stand and sail fast in high winds and large seas. While one-design sailing in J/30’s is preferred, many of us sail PHRF against other boats. The J/30 is consistently competitive across the world.

We would like to personally thank all of the J/30 Board of Governors, local fleet leadership and the many volunteers dedicated to our class events. Without the work and dedication of these individuals, we would not have the successful class that exists today.


The class is entering it’s 38th year. We have come along way from our first North American Championship in 1980 at Holland, MI to the 37th NA’s held this past October at New Orleans YC in the Gulf Coast District. If you don’t like competing in PHRF, you MUST race in a North American Championship. There is no better exhilaration than a starting sequence in J/30 fleet in 20 plus knots of wind.

The 2017 championship sponsored by the Sugar Bowl was a great event with challenging conditions of current, high winds and several previous North American Champion skippers. The New Orleans Yacht Club hosted some amazing events including a “Second Line” band featuring Co-President Dan Mather leading the dance. The boiled shrimp and creole-cajun food was totally awesome. Race Committee was flawless as they were able to adjust for changes in wind, and host a seventh race ahead of a major storm on Sunday.

By winning six of seven races Scott Tongius and Team Zephyr, claimed their seventh J/30 North American Championship.

CONGRATS Team Zephyr – Scott Tonguis (Previous Champion 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2016, 2017) New Orleans Yacht Club.

In 2nd Place was Jalapeno – Ken Buhler (Previous Champion 2012) Pontchartrain YC
3rd Place – Wildcat – Russ Atkinson (Previous Champion 2015) North Cape Yacht Club, MI
4th Place – Crusader – Dan Mather (Co-President) Oswego Yacht Club, NY
5th Place – Fat City – Carl Sherter (Previous Champion 1994) from Cedar Point Yacht Club, CT
6th Place – Hot Chocolate – Debbie and Casey Grimm from NOYC/Southern YC, New Orleans

Thank You to New Orleans Yacht Club and Casey Grimm and volunteers for planning and hosting a fabulous regatta.

Please check out the really good drone shots sponsored by sailing media venue New Orleans Sailing.

First Place – Zephyr V2.0

Second Place – Jalapeno
Third Place – Wildcat
Forth Place – Crusader

Fifth Place – Fat City
Take One For The Team – Overloard


The 2018 North American Championships will in conjunction with Cedar Point Yacht Club One Design Regatta (ODR) be held June 1 – 3rd at the Cedar Point Yacht Club ( home of Fat City). May 31st will be a measurement day. Official Web Site

The 2019 to be hosted by the Chesapeake Fleet based on three year rotation plan.

The 2020 Chicago, Oswego, Raritan, Bristol and Barrington YCs have expressed interest. RFPs must be received by May 1st, 2019.

We have developed many friendships over the years at the North American Championships. Let’s keep this spirit alive. If you participate at NA’s please keep attending, if you have never attended, you MUST in the future. The competitive racing, the fun, the parties, the comradery, the lifelong friendships , It is addicting. The J/30 Class will remain successful as long as its membership is active and participating.


(1) This is a great time of year to organize local fleets to plan the 2018 racing season. Call a meeting with all known J/30 sailors (skippers and crew), elect new officers and socialize. It is important to organize at least one non racing event to give an opportunity to get to know one another off the water. We are looking for people to help coordinate J/30 events in their respective areas and to help grow the class. Ideas include: Reach out to the boats in your region to register for scheduled events in your region in order to get a J/30 one design class. The class can provide contact information for boats in your area. Arrange a social gathering in the off-season to discuss sailing topics and coordinate schedules for the upcoming season – Meet at a restaurant, bar, sailmakers loft, museum, … Arrange a guest speaker for a presentation for topics such as sail making, trim, tuning, hull maintenance, marine electronics, navigation, reading charts, starting techniques, spinnaker handling,… you get the idea! Help the J/30 Class locate places for future North American Championships – contact clubs, investigate available dates for either stand-alone regattas or as part of an already scheduled event. Provide interesting content by writing material for the J/30 website – stories about J/30 races, J/30 Cruising, gatherings with J/30 sailors – pictures and video are encouraged to augment the stories. If you are interested in a leadership role with a local fleet please send an e-mail to leadership@j30.us

(2) Join the local and national Class Associations by visiting http://j30.us/join or by responding to the annual membership drive e-mail to be sent by January 15th, 2018. The local fleets organize to promote One Design Racing in your sailing area while the National Class will fund the web site http://j30.org and a annual National Championship regatta series. We sail together both local and nationally.

(3) Join US Sailing – Many of the learning opportunities and sailing events we enjoy with the J/30 Class Association are made available to us by US Sailing, the national governing body for our sport. US Sailing is a nonprofit, member supported organization. Every US Sailing member contributes to the development and availability of the programs the J/30 Class Association benefits from. Please join the J/30 Class Association in doing our part by becoming a US Sailing member today. We are all “US Sailing.” The J/30 Class Association is a US Sailing MVP Partner, Through our MVP Program, you’ll receive up to 20% off your US Sailing membership dues. Please join today by clicking US Sailing MVP Program


We need your help to keep the Class and Website going. If you are a current class member, please renew your membership and pay your dues as soon as possible. If you are not a current member but have gained knowledge from this site or use the forum frequently, please consider Joining the Class. Please share information about the class and forum with fellow sailors.

The class will be sending an email with a request for your J/30 Class record update and 2018 class dues by the end of January. Please take the time to complete the annual directory survey. National and Fleet Membership is optional. National class dues will remain at $50 for each owner/co-owner and $25 for associate membership (crew members). We also have a Junior Membership category for crew members who are age 16 or younger. We hope this category will encourage junior sailors to be recognized and added to the fleet roster. It is intended that when Junior Members pass the age of 16, they will become associate members, and eventually J/30 boat owners. The Chesapeake and Gulf Coast fleets will pay optional national and local dues using the national fleet tracking and renewal process. This helps us in so many ways to keep fleet information current while offering a service for local fleets. If you have not received an email message by February 1st , please contact us to be sent a custom registration link for your boat. We ask that everyone please support the class and pay dues, so we can continue to build the momentum with resources such as the web site, forum and National Championship.


Please help us to keep information current, help us to update the Boat Listing if you know of boats that have been retired or sold, or updated information on current skippers, please let us know. We would like to keep this listing as accurate as possible. While on the forums, please post to the District Forum Sections. Let others in your district know what you are doing. If you are racing, who you are racing against PHRF, one-design or both. Reach out to your district governor and try to put together at least one one-design regatta in your district.


If you have a listing on the Team Web Page Section, please update it or ask us to remove it. If you have a webpage but it is not on our page – please ask us to add it.


#1 Hurricane Irma Coverage
Cyn Ross

#2 TOTALed Mayhem
Doug and Amy Stryker

#3 “Season of Sailing”
David Erwin “Zephyr V2.0”


As we all know, the number of people participating in sailing and regattas is declining globally. We know that this is an activity that you all love and have passion for. Share it with others; recruit new crew, take friends out sailing, take strangers sailing, especially children and young adults. Get them involved, make it fun, allow your crew to helm your boat, encourage crew to buy their own boat, hopefully a J/30. Or as Steve Buzbee has done, convince a competitor to buy a J/30 as Doug Stryker did, then he went and beat Steve at North Americans.
If you have thoughts or suggestions about the J/30 Class we would love to hear from you. Post on a Forum or email either or both of us.

Wishing you all a Great 2018 Sailing Season,
Dan Mather (dansailj30@gmail.com) and Dave Erwin (dave@j30.us ) Class Co-President’s


2017 Sugar Bowl J/30 North American Championship

First Place – Zephyr V2.0

Second Place – Jalapeno
Third Place – Wildcat
Forth Place – Crusader

Fifth Place – Fat City
Take One For The Team – Overloard

On behalf of the J/30 Class Association, New Orleans Yacht Club, and J/30 Gulf Coast District we are pleased and excited to host the 2017 J/30 North American Championship October 19th through 22nd.  We hope to make this a great experience for all competitors and have set our goal to have at least 20 boats on the starting line.

Lake Pontchartrain always provides challenging race conditions and historic New Orleans is a wonderful and fun vacation destination. You’ll be able to enjoy this experience and local “Southern” hospitality with planned events such as the French Quarter area event on Saturday.

Our planning committee has endeavored to make this easy for competitors and their crews to register, plan their trip, and arrange all the associated logistics to attend this event. On this regatta web site you’ll find information to answer virtually all the questions typically asked for attending distant events. If you need information that’s not posted here, please send an email to the contacts listed on the Logistics Information page. The Logistics Information page provides directions (driving, flying & by sea), suggested places to stay, local restaurants, boat launching & support facilities, and many tourism places of interest. You’ll also find links helpful for sailing around New Orleans.

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Register Online
Who is Racing?
Sponsorship Proposal

As we plan our regatta, you will see many of our sponsors logos appear on our web page.  Please take the time to click on these links and support our sponsors with your business, as they most graciously support us.  We are planning a memorable North American championship. Start making your arrangements today. We very much look forward to seeing you join us in October 2017!

Casey Grimm
2017 North American Championship Regatta Chair



Sailing World Story


J/30 in the lead over Flyer

Tell us your sailing stories! –> Visit the Forum | Photo by Zephyr Sailor Adrienne Truxillo