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We will miss you Bonnie Schloss

My dear friends and fellow sailors,

It is with the deepest of sorrow that I have to inform you of the loss of one of the stalwarts of our fleet. This afternoon Bonnie Schloss passed away. Having battled breast cancer for the a number of months, Bonnie entered hospice yesterday and sadly passed this afternoon.

I know I do not need to tell most of you, but Bonnie was active in our fleet until perhaps just a few months ago. Ron will be able to better define that as although she had stopped racing her own boat, “Bear Away” perhaps 8 years ago,I saw her out drifting along with friends on Bear Away in August of 2016 and I believe continued she even continued to race with Ron last season.

Bonnie’s history with the J30 fleet goes back far beyond my 14 years, and I am sure the stories will abound, however I will share just one.

I had the great privilege of organizing and competing in the most recent J30 North American Championship. Despite no longer being an active racer in the fleet, Bonnie contacted me and asked if she could help in any way. Having sailed with her on Insatiable for 9 or 10 years I knew of her passion for photography. Between her, me , and others that I do not remember we were lucky enough to get Bonnie a ride on a spectator boat for our regatta. As a result, we have some fantastic pictures of each and every boat entered into that regatta. I will pull up that file again in the coming days and send it back out to everyone; and we all will have a little snippet by which to remember our friend.

There will be a land based sailor gathering and a spreading of her ashes in her beloved waters in the Spring.

8 Bells Bonnie, you will be missed.

Your Friend, Tristan


Annual Fleet President’s Message

Greetings and Happy New Year to all of our fellow J/30 sailors and all those visiting our website. All J/30 sailors know the J/30 is not only a great racing boat but also a great family cruiser and day sailing boat. It can be fast in light air and can with stand and sail fast in high winds and large seas. While one-design sailing in J/30’s is preferred, many of us sail PHRF against other boats. The J/30 is consistently competitive in PHRF all across the US and Canada.

We would like to personally thank all of the J/30 Board of Governors, local fleet leadership and the many volunteers dedicated to our class events. Without the work and dedication of these individuals, we would not have the successful class that exists today.


The class is entering it’s 37th year. We have come along way from our first North American Championship in 1980 at Holland, MI to the 36th NA’s held this past September at Eastport YC in Annapolis, M.D. If you don’t like competing in PHRF, you MUST race in a North American Championship. There is no better exhilaration than a starting sequence in a 19 boat J/30 fleet in 20 plus knots of wind.

The 2016 championship was a great event with challenging conditions of current, winds three knots to twenty-five knots and incredible competition with 19 boats and five previous North American Champion skippers.

By winning four of seven races Scott Tongius and Team Zephyr sailing loaner boat Mondial, claimed their sixth J/30 North American Championship. CONGRATS Team Zephyr.
In 2nd Place was Cannonball 2.0 – Doug Wallop (Previous Champion) Annapolis YC
3rd Place- Bebop – Bob Rutsch (5 time Previous Champion) and Mike Costello Annapolis Yacht Club
4th Place – Total Mayhem – Doug and Amy Stryker from Eastport Yacht Club previously Raritan YC , NJ
5th Place- Blue Meanie – Steve Buzbee (3 time Previous Champion) from Raritan YC, NJ
Thank You to Eastport YC and Tristan Keen for planning and hosting a fabulous regatta.

1st – Zephyr – Scott Tonguis

2nd – Cannonball 2.0 – Doug Wallop

3rd – Bebop – Bob Rutsch

4th – Total Mayhem
Doug and Amy Stryker

5th – Blue Meanie – Steve Buzbee

Take One for the Team Award
Tristan Keen


The 2017 North American Championships will be held October 19th -22nd at the New Orleans YC ( home of Zephyr). NOR | Sponsors
The 2018 Raritan, Bristol and Barrington YCs have expressed interest. RFPs must be received by May 1st, 2017.
The 2019 to be hosted by the Chesapeake Fleet based on three year rotation plan.

We have developed many friendships over the years at the North American Championships. Let’s keep this spirit alive. If you participate at NA’s please keep attending, if you have never attended, you MUST in the future. The competitive racing, the fun, the parties, the comradery, the lifelong friendships , It is addicting. The J/30 Class will remain successful as long as its membership is active and participating.


July 13th – 15th, 2017 – Eastern Yachting Circuit , Henderson Harbor YC , NY – Lake Ontario
July 28th-29th , 2017 – SAIL Oswego Regatta, Oswego YC, NY- Lake Ontario
August 1st-6th , 2017 – Lake Yacht Racing Association Regatta, Rochester YC, NY – Lake Ontario
August 12th -13th , 2017 Southern New England J/Fest @ Sail Newport, RI
October 19th – 22nd, 2017 – J/30 North American Championship @ New Orleans YC NOR | Sponsors
October 27th – 29th, 2017 – Lake Pontchartrain Racing Circuit @ New Orleans YC http://saillprc.org


At the Board of Governors (BOG) meeting held on September 22nd at Eastport YC the following business was conducted.

• We established a new Honorary Life Membership Category for Fleet members with a significant amount of time and value in a class leadership role, nominations and vote by the BOG, 15 years of boat membership, 10 years of fleet membership at the National level and have raced 5 NAs or more. The first four Inductees to this category are : Bill Kneller, Carl Sherter, John McCarthur, and Larry Christy.
• Larry Christy was appointed as Fleet Measurer
• 2017 Dues will remain the same as they were in 2016. BOG discussed charging for use of the forum and many technical portions of the J30.org website. It was decided to not charge or create a new membership category because it would be detrimental to the class to not share information to new owners and prospective buyers.


John McArthur

Carl Sherter
Fat City

Larry Christy
Big Kahuna

Bill Kneller

Look for additional information published on J30.org about each Honorary Life Time Member in the near future.


We need your help to keep the Class and Website going. If you are a current class member, please renew your membership and pay your dues as soon as possible. If you are not a current member but have gained knowledge from this site or use the forum frequently, please consider Joining the Class. Please share information about the class and forum with fellow sailors.

The class will be sending an email with a request for your J/30 Class record update and 2017 class dues by the end of January. Please take the time to complete the annual directory survey. National and Fleet Membership is optional. National class dues will remain at $50 for each owner/co-owner and $25 for associate membership (crew members). We also have a Junior Membership category for crew members who are age 16 or younger. We hope this category will encourage junior sailors to be recognized and added to the fleet roster. It is intended that when Junior Members pass the age of 16, they will become associate members, and eventually J/30 boat owners. The Chesapeake and Gulf Coast fleets will pay optional national and local dues using the national fleet tracking and renewal process. This helps us in so many ways to keep fleet information current while offering a service for local fleets. If you have not received an email message by February 1st , please contact us to be sent a custom registration link for your boat. We ask that everyone please support the class and pay dues, so we can continue to build the momentum with resources such as the web site, forum and National Championship.


Please help us to keep information current, help us to update the Boat Listing if you know of boats that have been retired or sold, or updated information on current skippers, please let us know. We would like to keep this listing as accurate as possible. While on the forums, please post to the District Forum Sections. Let others in your district know what you are doing. If you are racing, who you are racing against PHRF, one-design or both. Reach out to your district governor and try to put together at least one one-design regatta in your district.


If you have a listing on the Team Web Page Section, please update it or ask us to remove it. If you have a webpage but it is not on our page – please ask us to add it.


#1 The Rebuilding of Majic Carpet
Dave Graf

#2 T2PTV: Sailing On Demand
North Americans Coverage

#3 “Hold On” (Music by Lotus Crush)
David Erwin “Zephyr V2.0”


As we all know, the number of people participating in sailing and regattas is declining globally. We know that this is an activity that you all love and have passion for. Share it with others; recruit new crew, take friends out sailing, take strangers sailing, especially children and young adults. Get them involved, make it fun, allow your crew to helm your boat, encourage crew to buy their own boat, hopefully a J/30. Or as Steve Buzbee has done, convince a competitor to buy a J/30 as Doug Stryker did, then he went and beat Steve at North Americans.
If you have thoughts or suggestions about the J/30 Class we would love to hear from you. Post on a Forum or email either or both of us.

Wishing you all a Great 2017 Sailing Season,
Dan Mather (dansailj30@gmail.com) and Dave Erwin (dave@j30.us ) Class Co-President’s


Join the J/30 Class

Annual J/30 Class Membership – Online Submission Preferred

(Pay via Credit Card, PayPal or Check)
Note: An email is sent in the middle of January with a personalized membership application / renewal to all who are on file in the class database. 2018 dues remain the same amount as 2017. The Junior membership category for crew age 16 or under was added in 2013.
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Team Zephyr Says “Hold On”

Newport CA via BCYC: Gary Jobson awarded Team Zephyr the top fund raising program in the Nation this past weekend after the crew raised $127,000. This is a BIG deal. Check out their annual sailing video kicked off by Leukemia survivor Rhett Krawitt who is now “GONE WITH CANCER”. Enjoy the film! TEAM ZEPHYR


North-powered J/30 Zephyr
Dominates North American Championships

Photo by Bonnie Schloss

Scott Tonguis and team Zephyr won four of the seven races at the 2016 J/30 North American Championship in Annapolis, MD. We spoke with him shortly after the event.

1. What conditions did you encounter at this event and how prepared were you and your team?
We saw winds of 3-20 knots. We were armed with new North Sails designed by Benz Faget. We were the top fundraising team in the nation for the Leukemia Cup Regatta series (we raised $127,000), so the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and North Sails awarded Zephyr a 25% discount, which helped us purchase a great set of sails from Benz.

2. What was the biggest contributor to your success in winning this regatta?
Great sails along with proper rig tuning.
Having a least seven loaner boat J30 NAs under our belt. Our past experiences have proven that you can take a boat that may not have seen the race course in quite a while and clean the bottom, check the rigging, tune the rig, host some new North Sails, and go give ‘em a hand full. So we were confident that we would be in the hunt.

3. What was the most important part about your boat set up?
Making sure the rig tuning was close to optimum so the sails could do their magic. If the rig tune is right, then the sails are working great. If the sails are working great, then the boat is going fast. If the boat is going fast, then the crew can get their heads out of the boat to look around the racecourse for wind shifts and fleet management. If you are going fast, you can keep your lane. If you keep your lane, you can go to the side of the course you think will be favored.

4. Name three things that you and your team did during the races that proved to be fast.
– Rig tuning
– Due to the shifty winds, we seemed to sail most of the regatta with our bow down trying to speed across the course to the next shift. Whenever we were fortunate enough to find ourselves on the inside of a lift, we would press the bow down to speed to the next shift. Most of the time it worked out quite well.
– The J30 does not really like to accelerate, so while sailing downwind you want to make sure you use some of a header to build boat speed before turning a little deeper. Do not get it slow!

5. How long have you been sailing in the J/30 class?
I cannot believe it has been this long: 30 years, 3 decades! I was a senior in high school when my family purchased the original Zephyr, which was destroyed in Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. We hope to have a 30 year Zephyr reunion in late Oct. 2017 down in New Orleans, in conjunction with the J30 NA’s on Lake Pontchartrain at New Orleans Yacht Club. It is quite humbling to realize the Zephyr program is still very relevant after thirty years. I guess we are doing something right. I have been blessed to meet some wonderful people along the way, many of whom are my best friends and mentors.

6. What were your strengths on the racecourse? Which leg did YOU favor the most?
I know the strengths and weaknesses of the boat. I guess that is where thirty years of experience on the boat comes into play. If you are able to keep the boat out of its areas of weakness, you are usually able to avoid a bad situation on the racecourse.

7. What was your most memorable moment of the regatta?
I can tell you my least memorable moment, the first start, it was bad! Luckily we were able to tack to port just after the start and rumble over to the right side. Great boat speed along with a little righty got us back in the race.

Otherwise, my most memorable moment was catching up with friends! I no longer live in New Orleans, so I do not get a chance to spend too much time with my good friends who just happen to be my crew. Traveling to the NAs is special for us because everyone is away from the distractions of home, work, and family—a four day hall pass to hang with the boys.

Full Story Available on NorthSails.com