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The Boat, Sails and Equipment
08/04/20 04:32 PM
I had a similar issue with 1/3 of my entire bulkhead soaked. The plywood had essentially dissolved. In the end I had a local boatyard cut out the entire bulkhead and replace it. Foam core, glassed along the top (like it shoaled have been in the first place) and solid glass at the chainplates.
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Racing Tools and Techniques
08/02/20 03:01 PM
We race with all NS similar to Wildcat and our tuning is very similar to the above. I would add that we leave the headstay at max length until 18 knots, then put turns on after that. We tend to be on the extreme at low end and upper end with tension of standing rigging - . Super loose in light air, with leeward shrouds like a noodle. In high winds, we go up to 42/43 on lowers and uppers. We also tighten turnbuckles on the backstay in over 18 as well to allows for enough backstay tension. The tension on the backstay for breezy conditions does not allow the backstay to be eased enough in light air so a light and heavy air setting for both backstay turnbuckles is needed.

I have found that if you reef the main, it is very difficult to point. Some boats in OD get faux reef points that meet the rule but can't be used as they feel they will never reef the main while racing.

Take some pics and post them and I'm sure you will get a few opinions on this forum.
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Boats for Sale
07/29/20 11:31 PM
Reputation for FAST - J30 Racing Boat completely Race Ready! She is in pristine shape, dry (for a J/30), and has never seen salt.
Bottom completely redone Summer 2020, Keel templated. Recently upgraded with a new TriRadial Dacrom Sail Package, Northstar AGM batteries, new bilge pumps, new bilge hoses, reconditioned prop, LED lighting, stainless hardware, stainless prop shaft and more. Includes an inventory of race sails.

Currently parked at Jefferson Beach Marina (SafeHarbor) in Saint Clair Shores , comes with desirable dock slip for remainder of 2020 season.

We have more pictures if interested.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Boats for Sale
07/27/20 06:22 PM
Got the Mylar job out for measurements and it's:

Luff (tack fitting to halyard eye): 33'-11.75"
Luff (PHRF: Tack to intersection of leach and luff): 34'-5"
Leach: 31'-11.75"
Foot: 19'-1"
Foot round: 15"
LP" 18'-0"

Banks 2008 raised four times. Stored rolled. Asking $1100
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Boats for Sale
07/24/20 04:04 AM
Hi Pabs,
Mine didn't have one...just plumbed to the holding tank.
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Boats for Sale
07/23/20 06:06 PM
Hi Doug, Can I buy your handle off your Y-Valve?
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Racing Tools and Techniques
07/22/20 10:49 PM
1/4 "
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Racing Tools and Techniques
07/22/20 05:41 PM
Thanks for the intel Russ, I'll look into this. One question, what diameter cables is your standing rigging? I'm looking at the PT-2 Loos Guage label and some of the numbers you're stating are well below the chart for 1/4"


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Racing Tools and Techniques
07/22/20 05:00 PM
One other thing. If you are sailing in a lot of heavy air and chop to the point you are cranking on your shrouds, I would recommend that you make sure your bulkheads are solid and dry. I have a newer boat, hull 529, and still beefed up my chainplates. Drawings of our chainplate mods are on this web site under "info", J30 drawings and files
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Racing Tools and Techniques
07/22/20 04:36 PM
Here's our numbers though not in pounds; you'll have to look up the conversion from the info on line. We have a pro style Loos gauge
Our numbers are a place to start as we fine tune based on mast shape and sea conditions

Wind 0-6 uppers = 20 ish lowers = 15 ish (some would say that's too loose. We think it fast
We raced last night in 7 -8k winds we set shrouds at 30 and 25. Uppers were a bit too tight. Yet we won OA. The boat was fast and sailed above our targets up and down wind.
Our base setting is 32 -27 for 10-12k. Again a starting point
14k we set at 36 -30
above 16 we set at 41u and 40 on lowers w/shortened headstay

We race with strictly North sails for serious OD racing
We have some old Quantum sails for banging around on beer can racing
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Racing Tools and Techniques
07/22/20 01:26 PM
Hi All, I'm having trouble establishing satisfying settings for Light/Medium/Heavy air that provide consistent winning results in our PHRF night races.

Following the "Rig Tuning" guides saved under Info, specifically the North Sails Quick Reference Guide, have been questionable.

North Sails Quick Reference Guide – Version 1.0
Wind V1 (Caps) D1 (Lowers) Headstay turns from 0
Base Setting 1050 950 15
Light (0-7) 450 250 10
Medium (8-12) 1050 950 15
Medium/Heavy (13-17) 1600 1600 20
Heavy (18+) 2000-2200 2000-2200 20-30

We've been following the Base Setting to start, results have been okay here. However on both Light and Heavy ends of the spectrum these numbers just don't seem to work?!

Light - 450/250 makes my shrouds complete noodles, not just on the leeward shrouds but on both sides of the rig, to the point that it just does not seem feasible. Can you guys share what you find has won races in Light?

Medium/Heavy - We've also tried bumping up to 1600 for more spirited nights but find that the sail just seems to be choked. We've had better success just leaving the Base setting for these conditions. Note, there is typically a good deal of chop when the wind is here, have had limited nights with flat conditions that might warrant a tighter rig. Thoughts?

Heavy - 2000 just seems to be WAY too tight on the rig. Perhaps I'm just nervous about high tensions, I understand the rig is rated for this, but it just seems too tight. Note, in these conditions we're typically reefed as our smallest jib is a 140% (anyone have a serviceable #3 they'd like to sell, let me know)

Couple notes on our setup. Rigging is 1/4". Main is a Quantum from around 2010 era, not bagged out, one full batten three half battens. Head sail is a 161% UK from around 2010 era as well, decent condition not bagged. Second head sail is a 140% North Sail, unknown year, fair condition. We have a roller furling system installed, don't use it for racing, but head sails use the foil.

Due to different Loos Gauges (I have the Model B) out there, please use pounds (lbs) of tension in this thread if you can or clarify what gauge you are using.

Looking forward to see what can of worms I'm opening up on this topic!
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Boats for Sale
07/20/20 04:55 PM
Doug I have rags for sails myself.
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Looking to Buy Something
07/19/20 04:17 PM
Stick with the 1 x 19 stainless steel wire. Proven, easy to get and good longevity.
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Looking to Buy Something
07/19/20 04:10 PM
Much appreciated, thanks Jim and Matt!

In my own curiosity, and by being at home with spare time instead of being on the boat, I combed through my photos from the last month and I think I can find evidence that this strand has been broken for at least two weeks. Glad that it didn’t break further during last thursday’s weekly race 10kts puffing to 15. Lots of tension and backstay for our double-handed team.

Now I’m at the crossroads of replacing with the original spec stainless wire, or beginning the transition to Dux. One design isn’t a concern, but I’m sure there are some opinions out there on steel vs plastic!
I would rather be able to visually inspect my rigging and be able to replace it myself should something fail.
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Looking to Buy Something
07/18/20 02:59 PM
This is a pretty easy replacement since it's not too high up the mast. I wouldn't risk any sailing since a shroud failure at the spreader could lead to much more dangerous (and expensive) damage to the mast.

Be careful /stay clear when you loosen the damaged shroud for removal in case it springs since you'll be right under it (and I would replace both since you're going through the trouble)
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Looking to Buy Something
07/18/20 08:33 AM
Hi I would not risk it if one strand has broken you have no idea what condition the other strands are in.
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Boats for Sale
07/17/20 11:18 PM
Hi there Doug, tell us about your sails!
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Looking to Buy Something
07/17/20 11:06 PM
This same exact breakage just happened to me. One strand of lower shroud broken at the t ball.

#1 Did you do much sailing on it after the one strand broke?

#2 Can anyone recommend a temporary rig tune that will put less stress on the lowers? I don’t intend to go out in 15kts it more, or in swell. I’m also just running a 100% Jib this season. Would it be crazy to go out for a day sail before this is replaced?

Thanks for everyone’s input over the years on this forum. I’m in my first J30 season and appreciating all the collective knowledge.

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Boats for Sale
07/17/20 09:31 PM
Hi Doug, I'll have email (rosburk AT my DOT uri DOT edu). Shoot me an email and we can get the conversion rolling about the financial aspect too. Thanks!
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Boats for Sale
07/14/20 08:49 PM
Hi Kellen,
Sounds great! I have the entire drive train so I can pull the shaft, prop and coupler and check the shaft on some v-blocks for straightness. There was no perceptible vibration on it prior to pulling (other than the usual Yanmar stuff), but I should make sure it didn't get a strap around it during the lift at Schooner Creek. Will you be in reach during your sea duty? That'll give me time to pull the sink and everything, too.
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Boats for Sale
07/14/20 05:27 PM
Hi Doug,
Apologies for finally getting back to you - we’ve been gearing up to head out to sea for work, which turns out to be tricky in the middle of a pandemic. I’m still interested in the head sink, and am also interested in the prop and shaft assembly if it’s straight and in good shape, might be interested in your injectors too if they’re in good shape. Our final port call is in Newport, OR near the beginning of September- I could swing by on the way back up to WA to pick the things up? Let me know what you think!
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The Boat, Sails and Equipment
07/10/20 07:53 PM
Based on the age, your sanitary piping may also be as brittle if it hasn't been replaced. The Bosworth Sea-leact valves are available in newer models that should fit where the old valve was.
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The Boat, Sails and Equipment
07/06/20 07:54 PM

My Y-Valve handle has broken and they don't manufacture it any more. Other then replacing the existing valve does anyone know where I can get a new handle for it?

[Linked Image]
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