Referring to the minimum cloth weight. Some classes, (S27.9) weigh the sails. I would propose that if laminates are allowed, that the overall weight of the sail must equal the weight of the Dacron main that is currently specified. Weight aloft in a one design class should not vary with respect to sail material. As far as What would Rod do, What he did is to establish a propritary one design class. That is what he is expert at. If you want to play in the one design game, everyone plays by the same rules. There are lots of great boats out there that have no restrictions on sailcloth. I am finding in my inexperience that the 30 is actually more restrictive than the J-24 is in many respects, but that is OK. Everyone plays the game the same way, and the best sailor wins.

If the class is serious about going the unrestricted sailcloth way, here is a proposal:

1. The overall sail must be weighed, and its weight should be equal to the weight of a current class Dacron sail.
2. Establish an evaluation period where a small sample of boats compete at a national regatta. 4 boats, 2 raced by former class champion crews and 2 raced by average sailors. Evaluate the performance of the laminate boats, vs the dacron main boats.

At the next class meeting, determine whether the laminates had any advantage vs. the cost spent over the laminates and put it up to a class vote.

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