I am afraid my view is quite the opposite. I am finding a resurgance in interest in the J-30, especially from people who want to ease up on the race circuit and be able to go cruising. The appearance of "high tech" mains may actually be a turn off for these crowds. I didn't buy my boat because of the main material, I bought it because of the people in the class, and the ability of the boat to race and cruise comfortably. Did I buy my boat because of the material that the main is made of? No. As for making the boat more competitve in handicap fleets, I would rather spend the extra money on a .5 oz spinnaker. Light air is where the boat struggles (or so I hear). Boat performance is not going to be dependant on whether it is a Dacron or a laminate mainsail. The Dacron will be just as fast out of the bag. BTW, memories of a well sailed J-30 gave me fits in all wind ranges when I used to race a Soverel 30.