Let's see, you know there are 6 Hobie 33's racing out of North Cape (my club), you know I bought sails in 2004 and 2008. In case you are wondering, I change my underwear every day too. It's nice that you worry so much about me.
And since you are so interested in me, the sail that was bought in 2008 has just over 1 full year of use. The sail I bought previous to the 2004 sail was bought in 1997 (also a high tech sail). In reality, as much as you want to make it about me, I would not be buying new sails in 2012 unless I do the Nationals.
BTY, what a coincedence that 10-12 boats will all be buying new sails in 2011 and not 2012- so what really is your point?

And for the record, this winter I told a couple of senior BOG members I was done fighting this issue. If the J/30 Class doesn't want to change then don't. I'll go race PHRF next year and try to defend my title as 2010 Western Lake Erie Boat of the Year - in case you didn't know that, apparently I do know a little bit about sailing the boat, the effect of good sails, etc.

I was asked to take this further and agreed to. And as I agreed, I will submit a request to my BOG representative to submit for a rules change once I get agreement on a sail weight. He can do with it what he wants and if submitted the BOG can do what they want with it. I'm done selling, I'm done arguing, I'm done poking and done period.

You've done your best to insult me and make it about everything but the sail- you want to be constructive; make it about the sail.