To Scott/Natural High
I'm honestly not trying to take a poke here... I would however, like to ask some tough questions that I think are important to this discussion.

Earlier you stated that you race only PHRF; yet you bought a Dacron main to save (in your case) $1000.
So, some questions are;
1) Did you buy Dacron simply because of the cost?
I know, from when I appealed the J/30 rating with PHRF -Lake Erie that PHRF does not cut any slack for less than the best. 2) Did you buy the Dacron sail thinking that you could still be competitive in PHRF - that high tech wasn't going to help you?
3) Did you buy the Dacron sail thinking you are a casual racer and therefore Dacron was good enough

I could probalby think of a bunch more ways to ask questions around a point I'm trying to understand.

What I'm trying to understand is your thought process that in an arena where hi-tech mains are allowed you bought Dacron. ask the question as to whether Dacron sails will be competitive at the national level if hi-tech sails are allowed.

Backing into this another way, if Dacron won't be competitve with Hi-tech sails in the nationals, then shouldn't Dacron be non-competitive in PHRF too? And if so, why then did you buy Dacron to race PHRF?

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