Thanks for the input. And again, my questions were directed at trying to understand a rationale as to why a PHRF boat might consider Dacron.
And too, I would agree that changing the rule could have the effect of raising the cost (in my view slightly) for someone that does nothing but OD.

On the other hand, I did invest in string sails. Most of my PHRF fleet and the few other J/30's in our area have string sails. While I'd like to think my crew has fun, we are also pretty serious about racing and as well, winning. I.E. 2010 Western Lake Erie "Boat of the Year".

For us, the cost of doing OD is far more significant than for the OD guy that will upgrade. I must buy one sail for a once a year OD national and a second sail for PHRF.
I also beleive, and I think the survey results will back me up in that the majority of the J/30's race PHRF. As technology continues to move away from Dacron and as the price differential continues to drop - more and more of the J/30 PHRF boats will be going string sails. Folks such as me that are trying to keep the boat relevant and do want to also do OD are being penalized at the class level.