Thanks for the info.

Bottom line, it doesn't appear that you get penalized for sail material. You get penalized for non compliance to the J/30 OD ruling on sail material. If the J/30 Class changes the rules to allow string sails, you would not take a penalty for having a string sail.

Being more specific, you sighted the non ODR J/30 with a 155% headsail racing with the same 144 rating as you ODR boat. So if you sail with a string sail you are no longer ODR compliant - correct? Other questions: do you get 3 seconds for non ODR compliance and another 3 seconds for the 163% headsail? Does the non ODR compliant J/30 with a 155% and a string sail rate the same as you at 144?

And... somone has to say it; here I've been thinking 141 was a good rating. 144 for ODR... cupcake, cupcake, cupcake!!! Shhh, be very, very quiet about that. LOL