I am considering a project this coming winter to replace the original DC Electrical panel and replace the boat electrical harness. This is driven by the following:

1. The original wiring installed by TPI was not marine grade "tinned". The wire has oxidized and corroded over time. When the insulation is stripped to re-terminate a connection, all the conductors are covered in black. You can't scrape these easily to make a good connection.

2. The fuse connections and toggle switches on the DC panel have a noticeable voltage drop with any sort of current draw. This is a symptom of oxidized contacts.

3. I've added some custom accessories as many have done that require circuit protection and the ability to isolate. Examples of things added are Stereo, Autohelm, Macerator pump, 12V accessory outlets and various navigation instruments.

4. Illuminated circuit breakers are much easier to read and are nicer than having to carry a bunch of different size fuses.

I have asked Paneltronics of Hialeah Gardens, FL to quote a semi-custom DC panel. Additionally I asked that they send mechanical dimensions for an existing Model 5203 panel with 50amp master breaker, meters and eleven circuit breakers of different capacity matched to the loads I've specified and labeled to my specs. The panel is 9.75" tall and 11" wide. Here is a generic picture of the panel.
[Linked Image]

Based on my correspondence with Paneltronics, they indicated they are aware that Lorco, the original J/30 electrical panel manufacturer is out of business. I've asked Paneltronics if they would be willing to quote a standard J/30 drop in replacement panel that uses circuit breakers rather than the toggle switches and fuses. I also suggested that they could offer the "standard" panel replacement, and the custom panel, similar to what I am having quoted. The custom panel would not be drop in compatible as the dimensions would be different and require a different size cutout.

Question - is there interest by J/30 owners for either type of these panels? If so, we may be able to get a quantity pricing discount.