Honestly, I've been "refitting" since I got the boat. But the past couple weeks I've been working to majorly improve the boat's systems (as opposed to the sailing characteristics). My TODO list is lengthy:

  • Renew all blackwater hoses and clean the old holding tank.
  • Replace the old broken head with an electric macerating unit.
  • Renew all freshwater hoses and install a new filter and water pressure pump.
  • Replace all freshwater fixtures, new galley sink drain, new head sink.
  • Install new propane galley stove.
  • Install Espar D4 heater and run ducting to main saloon & v-berth.
  • Install a holding plate/compressor refrigeration unit in the icebox.
  • Replace old electrical panel and clean up the rats nest of wiring.
  • Install AIS splitter/receiver.
  • Install new 120VAC system with galvanic isolation and battery charger.
  • Replace old clouded windows with new opening portlights.
  • Replace head and main saloon 9.5x9.5 hatches with new (v-berth hatch already replaced).
  • Re-paint blue accent along main cabin roof.
  • Apply Kiwigrip for non-skid for entire main deck.

Progress is already well underway - I'm lucky enough to have my dad visiting from Virginia and helping me with the major tasks. Thus far we've completed the blackwater work (ew), the freshwater work (mostly), and are working on installing the propane stovetop, the Espar heater and the portlights.

I'll post pictures as we progress!

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