I've accomplished a few more things in the last few days:

  • Rigged the new traveler system.
  • Replaced the old mainsheet blocks with the new ones and reeved them.
  • Installed the bobstay U-bolt on the bow, a short distance above the waterline.
  • Cut my final section of heater ducting to length and installed the louvered vent.
  • Re-ran the radar cable under the starboard quarterberth instead of over it, and connected it to power.
  • Installed a high speed "Raynet" switch under the starboard quarterberth, into which the chartplotter and radar now plug.
  • Loaded new firmware on my chartplotter and used it to update the software on every device on board.
  • Took all my lines off the boom (stored for KiwiGrip) and ran them on the deck again.
  • Re-mounted VHF remote mic port in the cockpit (moved to make room for the nav switch panel).
  • Sheet bag mounted under the traveler to hold the mainsheet & traveler control lines.
  • Ran power from the autopilot computer to the plug for the tiller drive and tested the system steered correctly.
  • Programmed the VHF with my MMSI number and connected it to my instrument network. This allows it to get GPS position from the receiver outside, enabling a DISTRESS button call to the Coast Guard via DSC/Rescue21 as well as easy readout of coordinates if needed.

New sheet bag in the cockpit:
[Linked Image]

GPS showing on the VHF:
[Linked Image]