Yeah, hopefully I can keep it shiny!

Ananda lying contentedly at rest at the KKMI docks after stretching her legs (sails up for the first time in 6 months):

[Linked Image]

Our track for the day, as logged by AIS:

[Linked Image]

We raised sails off of the Sausalito ferry terminal and sailed pretty much the entire day without tacking or gybing. We had one stop at Pier 1.5, the public dock in San Francisco to pick up a tardy crew member who missed our morning ride up to Sausalito.

I did have one thing go wrong - while trying to figure out the rigging for the new bowsprit with the spinnaker partially hoisted in its sock, it got sucked into the water and we came to a dead stop mid-bay as it became a sea anchor. We got it hauled back aboard though, with the only casualty being one of the blocks on my bobstay actually came detached.

All in all, an excellent day!

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