It felt so good finally bringing Ananda back to her home in Pier 39:

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My day began meeting my friend Bryan up at Pier 39, where we dropped off my two new AGM batteries. A short water taxi ride later (30 knots up the Richmond channel - whee!) and we were at KKMI. On getting the boat ready I found I had a dead house battery (putting out 10.5 volts). No worries - my setup allows me to manually disconnect the house battery, close the ACR and run the whole boat off the engine battery.

I ran the new engine up to 3,000 rpm and we motored out of Pt Richmond at a good clip. After clearing the channel, we set a double-reefed main and proceeded upwind at 5.5-6 knots, west to Angel Island before tacking and sailing south towards the city. A couple tacks later and we were pulling into Pier 39:

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A few things still remain on the list, the most important of which is finalizing the boat's wiring. I'll have to redo some of it as the new batteries will be split between port and starboard, so my battery switches will have to be redone. Whee...

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