J/Fest planning is well under way. You can access the live website directly at http://jfestnewengland.com/ or through the J/30.org website. We have 33 boats registered so far, but only 5 J/30's !!!! While that is enough to give us our own start, we want more of you to sign up. There are already 6 J/105's and 7 J/109's registered. Remember, this is the J/30 Southern New England Regionals. Time for you to get on line and register. We need to know who is coming as early as possible in order to make sure we have enough of everything to keep everyone happy. Register now and pay nothing until July 15.
We've got 3 racing circles established, each with a US Sailing PRO, plus 5 US Sailing Certified Judges for the event. The caterer, tent, and band are all ready to go. All we need is you. Don't miss out on being part of this first time event at the Bristol Yacht Club on August 13 and 14.

Mark Rotsky
Nemesis 435