Down here in the GYA (Ponchatrain to Panama City) we don't get penalized for exotic sail material. A J30 rates 138. You can get a 3 second bump if you go to a 155% of J, not JC. I have a full class size #1 triradial, a dacron x-cut #2, a full hoist #3 triradial, and a class x-cut dacron 105%. I carry 3 different kites. Main is a dacron class sail.

I used to have a #1 AP which was 155% of J. I used it up to 20 kt across the deck, then would shift to the #2, depending on conditions, or go to the full hoist #3.

The main thing I learned is sail flat, If that meant dropping down more than others may do for the same conditions, I found that I was as fast.

The other thing I found out about racing PHRF is no matter how bad I'd beat a Catalina 36 TM (we rate level here) he'd blow me off down wind.

If I was racing as hard as I used to, I think I may go for a taller kite and take the 3 second hit....

Alas, the boat is for sale, so I really don't want to spend a bunch of money fooling around with the rating committee....


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