Hi, folks, I'm contemplating taking ownership of a 1979 boat discussed in this thread:


The only real impediment that will stop me from taking it is whether I can find storage that I can afford. I'm looking online, but am not finding much in the way of information, but will admit that since I've never looked into renting a slip or mooring, I'm out of my element here. Can anybody offer up some advice on how to search for storage? I live in Prince Frederick, MD, so would really like something in the southern Maryland area, as it's a project boat, and a long trip out to it will severely curtail my ability to get out and work on it.

I don't need power to the boat as I plan on installing a solar panel charger to keep the batteries charged. A mooring will serve me just fine; I don't need a slip.

I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

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