So, I was all set to just add four layers of glass to the ground down part as reinforcing and paint it in place of water damaged veneer. Thought it’s a good time to do something about high moisture readings in the bulkhead. Drilled a few holes… Top of the bulkhead is wet and mush; at the bottom of the long hole in photo it’s solid.
[Linked Image]

New plan is to cut another inch of the veneer away to the right and then cut across above the hole for the water/wiring, replace the plywood, cover with ten layers of glass, tab into hull and deck.

After drilling holes, appears that the strength of bulkhead for chainplates is in the glass on cabin side. Head side is just a few layers thick. Plywood separates the glass sides and adds compression strength to keep the hull from coming inwards.

Thoughts on:
-how much of old bulkhead core to replace?
-solid glass v plywood core for bulkhead?
-Glass layers, glass type, vacuum bag?

Didn’t see other threads that address this.

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