As the former owner of Rhapsody #348 I can say that the price listed for the boat seems fair. Based on the listing it appears the owner has maintained the boat well. The soft spots for a boat of this age shouldn't be unexpected. If you have some time and energy, fixing these yourself may be accomplished as many have done, and discussed well on this forum - check my old blog. Letting them go shouldn't be an issue unless there is still water intrusion, or if too saturated and allowed to freeze can do more damage.

If the rig is down, inspect the swaged fittings and the 1x19 wire to make sure they have not deteriorated with salt water and age. If questionable, have a rigger make new shrouds. There is also a Spreader Bar Fix that should be installed and if not, you should do it. Both of these items will keep your rig from failing.