I find myself split in two directions on this:

1. As mainly a PHRF Racer, I would appreciate a lighter, faster sail that is durable without a rating hit. I would get more value and speed out of my sail if I can PHRF and OD with the same higher-tech sail.

2. As a new boat owner, I would appreciate an affordable and durable sail. More new owners with limited budgets can dip their toes into OD Racing if the costs are lower. Is it more important to consider what would grow the waning OD fleets? I'm not saying that continuing with cheaper sails will grow the fleet, but it is one idea.

What if a balance between these two ideas is sought? Would we grow the OD fleet by finding a middle ground with a higher-performance sail that offsets its higher cost with better durability?

If a slightly faster mainsail makes the J/30 a better PHRF performer and allows owners to have one mainsail between OD and PHRF, will it make the J/30 a more appealing boat to new owners?

If we get a few more interested owners between New Jersey and Massachusetts, we could have more low-key OD events to encourage OD participation. Without that, I don't have a very compelling reason to keep a perfectly OD boat as I fix it up over the next 5 years.

I'm mostly posing questions because I'm new to the boat, and don't know what it's like in any of the OD fleets around the country. I do think it is important to talk to the new owners who are interested in racing in addition to the seasoned racers who are firmly committed to the class and have supported it for years.