You are seeing the result of water that has penetrated the barrier coat / fairing.
  • Use an orbital sander and sand the area down to reach the lead.
  • Make sure all the areas on the edge are well bonded to the lead
  • Feather the edges about 2 inches so there is no bottom paint, just the barrier coat and fairing
  • Score the lead using a stiff wire brush
  • Mask around the area
  • mix unthickened neat epoxy and use the wire brush to work it in the scored lead
  • tape release cloth over the area, squeegee smooth and let cure
  • peel release cloth when cured and wash with plain water to remove any amine blush
  • dry and light sand with 80 grit paper to rough up cured epoxy - hand sand so you don't burn through, then wipe clean with acetone
  • apply Interprotect 2000e barrier coat - one coat and let cure
  • If there are any low spots fair with epoxy thickened with microlight fairing compound and let cure
  • sand with 80 grit and wipe clean with acetone
  • apply 3 layers Interprotect 2000e - you can follow the timing using the thumbprint test for recoat.
  • apply bottom paint within the time limit for thumbprint test, or later which requires light sanding.

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