The timing of this posting should allow some feedback from those who are having fun at Cedar Point for the 2006 North Americans. I'm looking for feedback since the 2005 rule changes on sail materials took effect. I need replacement sails on Rhapsody in the following order;

1. Main (replacement before spring 2007)
2. #1 (replacement before spring 2008)
3. Spinnaker (replacement before spring 2008)

There was a great thread discussing this topic in 2004. Can those of you who have recent experience with the lofts please provide your experience with the one design sails you've bought? I'm interested on what is "fast" and like other J/30 owners, want the investment to last a few years. Info on lofts, materials, prices, experiences with loft, etc. would be helpful.

Bill - Rhapsody J/30 #348