Time to start the fireworks... I received the e-mail requesting me to update my Class association data and to become an active member by sending in $50.00 I responded with what is included below. I have since been contacted by Bill Kneller with a request that I present the issue to the forum. Here is my e-mail:
Thank you for the e-mail and for the tremendous web page that the organization has provided.
I have owned my J/30, Wildcat for 20+ years, having bought her new in 1986. While I have only praise for the boat, the web page, the forum, the work of the Association, etc., I will not be sending dues for active membership. It's neither the money nor the amount. Please know that it is my strong disagreement with the decision by the board to not allow current technology in main sail cloth that keeps me from active membership.
I live in Eastern Michigan and race PHRF on Lake Erie. This year we will sail with a new #1, new "A" sail, a 1 year old #2 and all purpose kite. The main is 3 years old and will be replaced at the end of this season. Aside from mainsail technology, the boat is otherwise raced in class configuration, is competitive and is a strong representative for showcasing J/30 performance. Given the reasonable cost of newer technology and our desire to race competitively, there will never be another Dacron sail on the boat.
As long as the board maintains its desire to live in the Stone Age, there is no incentive for me to pursue any participation in one design events, which is too bad because we really would like to come out to play.