Thank you Dennis, David and Jason for your inputs. To those of you that have won with Dacron mains, congratulations. As Dennis indicated, winning a sailboat race is a function of a lot of variables including wind conditions, but also so is it a function of the level of competitors sailing skills, bottom condition, etc, etc along with sails and occcasionally some amount of luck.

When the class association changed the rules on head sails, did everyone run out and buy new high tech sails? Did everyone run out and buy a new carbon fiber tape drive, 3DL or some other wiz bang number 2 and number 3? I didn't! I still have my 22 year old original number 3 that we carry around on long distance races in the event that it blows hard enough that I need something small and reefable to put up - yes my #3 is reefable. I'll bet that if there are 200 boat owners in the association then there are at least 400 opinions on what head sails to buy. If there is such a strong opinion that a Dacron main is "good enough" or better, then why do you have a problem with me or others buying something besides Dacron. I learned long ago that products don't determine markets, markets dictate products. Won't the "market" determine what sails to buy? If I want to "blow" my money on a high tech main that apparently will bring no benifits, why should anyone care.