Steve, FYI
Number 1 is new high tech Quantum 2008
Number 2 is new high tech Doyle 2007
Number 3 is original 22 year old
All purpose kite is new 2007
The "A" sail is new 2008
Main is late 2004 UK/Doyle Kevler w/Carbon fiber tapes
We are investing in our sail invnetory.

3 of the 4 acitve racing J-30's on Western Lake Erie all have non class mains. I don't know what is on the fourth

Just raced one of the other active J/30's in a 54 mile race. We beat him boat for boat by about 3 minues but he corrected over me (he carries a smaller head sail and rates 3 second higher).
Winds blew 15-20 all night, winds 25+ at the start, neither carried a number 1. Both boats had non class mains.
So much for one design.

If you want to attractthe active PHRF sailors to One design racing, I would suggest a change in the rule on the main.