I have to disagree again with Mike and Russ. I have had no major problems being competitive in PHRF-and I have a cabinet full of silver to show for it! Certainly we suffer when the wind goes light, but a kevlar main isn't the problem in those conditions-it's the basic weight of the boat. And I don't really understand the 54 mile race result Russ cites-as I read it, he was sailing with a hi tech main? I suspect the more likely culprit was 1) in heavy air, the rating advantage of carrying a smaller jib is huge-because no one uses the large OD jib that causes the tougher rating that we sail with and 2) In 25 plus, I would imagine that the #3 is in use-which in Russ's case is 22 years old! The test of the rating versus a boat sailing with a smaller headsail would be in light air, when the 163% can be used.

The problem with the 30 is light air performance, particularly downwind. This is why I have argued for years that the OD configuration should allow for a 1/2 oz chute. Almost every boat in our PHRF fleet uses the 1/2 oz up to about 15 knots-and they get noticeably more lift and power, and can sail deeper than we can in very light conditions. Being able to carry a 1/2 oz would be a much more helpful performance changer than would having a hi tech main, in my opinion.

Steve Buzbee
Blue Meanie J/30 #485