To answer a couple of questions about the 54 mile race. The first leg was a broad reach, wind 20-25, a little deep for an A sail but since the A is a code three and smaller we choose it over our all purpose kite. Second leg was a fetch we flew our #2. Third leg was a close reach, we sailed our #2 until the wind shifted and we put up the all purpose kite(we blew out the A sail at the start), last leg was a beat, we sailed our #2.
We give the other J/30 time because we have a class #1, his number 1 is a 150. The point isn't that I won or he won, he's a great sailor and wins his share of flags. The point is both boats have a "high tech" main and in discussions, both of us will continue to buy non dacron mains. The newest J/30 in the town just bought a Quantum fusion "something" main (non dacron).
And by the way, I also have a 1/2 ounce kite, 2004 vintage, I consider it part of my old sail inventory.
Gents, the buggy whip salesmen argued for years about the stupidity of automobiles.
I submit that Dacron is heavy, does not maintain it's shape, etc, etc, but it's cheap and durable.
I'll ask the question again, if there is no benifit to a "high tech" main, then why not change the rule to allow it? Won't market will dictate the product? If there is no benifit to the high tech main, then you shouldn't be bothered by me and others having one. And if you are worried about the next greatet thing that just might come along just before the next nationals, I might suggest not getting out of bed in the morning either, you never know what might happen-new technology just might happen that day.