There is little doubt Russ chose a high tech main because he believes it makes his boat go faster. For that reason alone many (but not all) PHRF handicappers adjust the rating on modified J/30s compared to those sailed in the one-design configuration. There's little doubt his high tech main does make his boat go faster, though I'd be surprised if it is as much as the 6 seconds a mile typical rating adjustment.

The idea that we can 'attract PHRF sailors to one design racing' is oxymoronic. Russ could comply with the one-design restrictions. He could work to develop a fleet in his area or travel to one-design events. But he has chosen to play a different game with its own set of rules, while appealing for us to change our rules for his benefit.

Russ, pay dues to the class if you receive some benefit from being a part of it. With apologies to George Carlin, I'm sure the class will adopt high tech mains 'with all deliberate speed'.