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I just had my North sailmaker quote me retail prices on Dacron vs their best 3DL main: Dacron 3k, Carbon ~5300

To me that is a huge difference for a sail that does not last twice as long nor is it twice as fast. Sexy factor is very high though (-:


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I bought Quantum Fusion X three years ago; both Main and a 155% #1. These sails are used every week and the main is left on board. Just last week one of my neighbors asked me old are those sails...3 years old...no way, they look almost brand new. I will say they are in incredible shape as there designers intended. The cost for a Dacron main was $3,000 and the Fusion X was $4,100. I specifically bought Fusion X due to it's ability to hold shape and the projected life of the sail.

Don't know about prices above, but my Quantum Fusion X cost $3,688 one month ago. Only a 20% premium over the Dacron. Sounds like a good tradeoff to me. Expect it to hold its shape much longer than the Dacron for a longer EFFECTIVE life.

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