No doubt, I am disappointed that the BOG chose not to change the rule on Dacron mains. I am saddened that it will be another year that I will not be doing Nationals. I was however pleased to learn that discussion was left open and that investigation of sail cloth alternatives will continue.

I will be purchasing a new non-Dacron mainsail this winter. The curent sail is now 5 years old; is a UK kevlar tape drive with carbon fiber tapes. It's been raced hard for the entire 5 years and has seen several severe floggings in 50+ knot squalls. It is well used. It has also performed well, winning it's share of silver up thru and including this year.

I have stated that I beleive that "hi-tech" sails will be cost positive or are cost equal to a less expense dacron main; as measured in terms of useful life. To test that theory I suggest that someone find a comparablly used Dacron sail among the many Dacron proponents out there and have Quantum, or another sail loft, do a shape analysis on it (Quantum will do it for free). In the spring when I put the sail back on the mast, I'll also have Quantun do a shape analysis on my old sail. We could then compare the numbers. As well, we could do the same with new sails - compare at the beginning of the year and at the end to see the impact of shape deterioration over time. Maybe then the decision making process on main sails could begin to be less subjective. Who knows, maybe you can convince me to buy Dacron.

Anyone interested?