Now that the 2008 New England Sailing season is drawing to a close, it looks like I'll be cutting into Rhapsody for re-coring in a couple of weeks. The transom is the 1st area since it sounds hollow and is the source of other problems via the engine exhaust.

It looks like I can cut into the transom from inside, but I've seen pictures of others who did it from the outside. In either case I'll use a hole saw to cut around the exhaust and cockpit drains since I need to isolate these areas anyway. For those who re-cored the transom, why did you cut in from the outside? It looks like there is more finish work to be done that way.

The Stbd side below the waterline is wet based on moisture meter readings I took last spring. Plan is to drill holes, heat and vacuum bag to dry the core. Depending on where the core shows up as "bad" from the holes drilled, I'll make the determination on where to recore, and do it from the inside where possible.

Finally, I know there are some wet spots on the cabin top. Again, plan is to cut from underneath and keep the outside deck as "clean" as possible. I think it is easier to fair in the surface on the inside surface, then repaint interior rather than redo the smooth & non-skid areas on the top.

I'm open to comments from those who have already been down this route. I need moral support before making the first cut :-)