Since there is no apparent movement from the "Class" on changing the rule then I have a simple request. Please provide a logical and sensible answer as to why not to allow higher tech main sails.

Why the quotes around Class?

I don't think there's going to be much argument that a laminate sail is more durable and will retain optimal shape over a longer term. You've got one and have fun with it in PHRF. For a One Design class, a consideration has to be made for the effects rule changes will have on the affordability of the class and on getting boats out to the starting line.

While I understand that there is an argument to be had on the longevity of the sails, it sounds to me like there is strong class consensus not to change at this time because of the initial cost outlay. I would agree with that.

This issue is one for the BOG to review at their annual meeting. They've done so in that past and again at the meeting in September of 2008. As Bill points out, the door remains open to changes in the future.

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