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....Just please don't use the cost arguement.
Bill Kneller is going to have two sails. How does that fit with the cost arguement?

Russ - I'm not obligated to buy a sail with different material. I'm buying it with a goal of collecting data to support the argument for a potential rule change. I also was able to sell a "boat load" of old sails on this forum that helps defray the cost. Just because I can afford to buy another sail, doesn't mean I should impose the requirement on others. I still support the OD rules and plan to race in OD events using class legal sails I already own. If it turns out that Vectron is good material supported by cost and performance data, then I'll suggest the class consider it as an alternative to Dacron.

Rules changes should be based on a broad review of J/30 owners with transparency. That's why we post the information on this forum. The 2008 vote I believe was representative of the sentiment for most of the people expressing opinions on this board. If you go back and do a search for changes in head sail material, you'll see that it took a while for the people to reach consensus on this matter.