Please know that I accept majority rule. Too, Im aware that I'm doing a pretty good job of leaving the one design racers with the perception that I'm calling their baby ugly. To that I apologize as you don't know how badly I want to come play. I also realize that I could go out and buy a Class legal main, but I won't. And you are right, it takes time to build concensus for change.

Unfortunatley my frustration is showing. I know I poked pretty hard last year when I started this thread but I got little satisfaction from the majority of the reponses regarding change.. responses anywhere from the sail doesn't make a difference to go race a Hobie because there are 6 in your club.
It didn't help when just recently I saw the thread that included the cost of a carbon pole and then recalled the issues argued over 12 lbs of stove weight. I'm sorry, I don't get that the class can approve $1200 of cost to save a few lbs of bow weight or that the original stove that came with my 1986 vintage boat might not be class legal... and at the same time argue that main sail material requires a cost vs performance analysis.
In my mind, the class deserves a subtle poke