I think that's a great idea. Is there a tool on the site here to produce a poll? If not, I have a fair bit of experience with them and could set one up.

Also - a couple thoughts:

- it would be great to send a tickler to the registered users to drive widespread participation.
- we're at an interesting time for this technology. The price of a leading, brandname loft's dacron main is reasonably comparable to a hi-tech (read: carbon/aramid) sail. I don't think most people know this. So, as part of a polling process, folks should at least know the facts. If we were polling for perceptions, that's one thing. For something like this, we're asking for guidance based on objective data vs. myth.

Didn't someone (sorry in advance if I missed this - asking before re-reading the entire thread) compile a list/spreadsheet of sail quotes/prices submitted by members?

- Jeff

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- Jeff
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