Jeff - A poll can be created in an initial post only, although I can log in with Admin rights and put the poll in a reply. It's probably best to keep the poll in its own thread, and keep the discussion in this thread - I can provide a cross reference link. The poll can be left in a sticky at the top of the forum so it is easy to find. It's best to define what you want in the poll first, because once the poll is created, it can't be changed.

So - decide what questions you want to ask, decide if the answers are yes/no, multiple choice, or vote for more than 1 item. Each question can have a separate type (e.g. yes/no, multiple choice, vote for x of y). We can also put a time limit so the poll closes at a certain time and date.

Either you can set this up in a new post, or I can. Probably best to throw out what questions to ask, get some feedback on the questions, and setup the poll.

Edit: I don't recall a spreadsheet with consolidated prices, but there were various posts in this thread where people contributed price information.

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