@dbows: I couldn't agree more. I think there are many more dimensions to this than cost. Checking in with the community to get some perspective will help arrive at that. Cost is simply one aspect that could impact a decision on this.

@Russ Atkinson: Great points Russ. All well articulated and factors to keep in mind when trying to get some input from the community that could affect a BoG proposal/decision.

To be clear, it certainly wasn't my sentiment that a poll would make a decision. It's just a useful tool to take the temperature of owners feelings at a specific point in time.

Beyond the poll, I think some constructive, objective presentation of the issues/facts would be a good starting point. One that represents owners, sail industry experts, as well as other classes that have faced this decision. Once that knowledge is objectively presented for folks to analyze, then a poll will just help determine to relative importance and collective opinion of the community.

I think informed feedback is the best type of feedback. So, I believe learning should be part of the process.

- Jeff
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