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I ordered the new main today, so should get it in a month or so. I'll send you the photos, then. I'm going to go ahead and get a new sail. It's a little bit more, but I like the local quantum loft, and want to keep getting their service.

Also, I wonder if you noticed Steve's last post in the thread about his main. If the board is denying allowing laminate mains because they are concerned with the cost, it might be good to point out that most (overwhelmingly) J30s race predominately as part of PHRF fleets. In that post, Steve says his new plan is to have a Kevlar sail for most of his racing, and a dacron sail just for sanctioned OD racing. That sounds pretty cost IN-effective to me.

Grady - what main did you order?

Here are some questions for all those who race only PHRF. If the class changed allowable materials for mainsails, how many would travel to a one design event, and how many would come to the J/30 NAs? I've structured a series of questions for everyone in a poll at the top of this forum. Please take the time to vote, but post all comments or questions in this thread. Hopefully this poll asks questions in a neutral manner, and doesn't sway the answers one way or the other.