Reading the legend, it looks like the newer one was obtained under the US Sailing IMS program which appears to be the Performance Products Program now on the US Sailing web site.

I made a jpg so it is easier to see the figures and compare. I also added a picture using the trial version of Expedition that includes a sample J/30 polar. I captured a screen shot and provided both the raw text file Expedition uses, and the file converted to Excel so you can play with it.

I need to get better at using these. Can others post here on how you have used the polars to help your performance?

US Sailing Polar
[Linked Image]

J/Boats Website Polar

[Linked Image]

Expedition Polar
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

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J30-Polars-USSailing.jpg [142.58 KBytes] - (17140 downloads)
J/30 US Sailing Polars
J30-Polars-Expidition-Sample.jpg [72.66 KBytes] - (6978 downloads)
Expedition J/30 Sample Polar
J30_Polars-Expedition.txt [0.7 KBytes] - (500 downloads)
Expedition Sample Polar Data
J30_Polars-Expedition.xls [17 KBytes] - (2152 downloads)
J/30 Polars from Expedition - Excel Format
Expedition-data-as-graphic.png [3.53 KBytes] - (5486 downloads)
Expedition data as a graphic
J30 Polars-from UK-Website.xls [18 KBytes] - (2278 downloads)
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