For those interested (I know Russ is!), please contribute here and come up with a check list / data list on parameters we want gathered so that a meaningful evaluation of alternative main sail material can be presented for consideration. I'll start the list and ask that others contribute:

1. Assume other than the material, all other aspects of the main sail are per the J/30 Class Rules
2. Obtain quoted price for a complaint OD main and alternative material sail from the same supplier so there is an apples to apples comparison and show % cost delta. Provide rationale as to why the particular material was selected, and compare the material properties to Dacron.
3. Provide initial sail shape photographs, if possible under various wind conditions (need to determine parameters here).
4. Determine how often sail shape should be photographed to show aging characteristics
5. Document usage in sail log

Please add to or modify this as appropriate. I'm also going to speak with the sail maker in a few weeks to get suggestions. Our yacht club is having a demo at the sail loft on how sails are designed & fabricated and he's using my new main as an example.