I've started a discussion with Steve Thurston on this subject.We figure Race life on a darcon main if its rolled is about three years assuming about 30 races per year. Steve thinks that a carbon main would last about 5 years under the same conditions
The carbon main would be lighter so that would provide an advantage in higher winds.
He estimates cost to be about 25% more assuming a base list price of 3K for dacron
Now for the real kicker a new carbon main would be no faster than a new dacron main in one design racing (it would be up to the crew)

On chutes a 1/2 oz would hold its shape better in the real light stuff but the material is no were near as tought as the 3/4 oz stuff we currently use so a lot of care would have to be used by the crew in handling it(ie don't snag it or step on it!)

More to follow


Charlie Stoddard
Falcon #229