Here's an observation
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I'll pick up where I left off
I could make some summary points
1. More than half of the participants would pay a premium to go to higher tech mains
2. few would be affected in PHRF racing
But I won't. Instead I offer these thoughts to the members and the board
1. To the OD sailors
If the class allowed non-dacron mains, would you conclude the need to purchse a non-dacron main jsut to be competitive or do you think dacron mains are competitive
2. To the 6 people said they would come to OD events if non-dacron mains were allowed; Is that 6 who currently do not come or are some of those that responded currently attending OD events with dacron mains. In other words, how much are the OD events going to really benifit from this change? I'm one of the 6: net +1 so far.
3. In fairness to that question - how many OD sailors will quit coming if the main sail material rule is changed?
4. To the Board - what will the class gain from changing the main sail material and what, if any set backs would the class incurr from the change?
I'll look for some response as I think of more to add