on the high tech side:
1. ALL the Phrf spin b boats we see here in Naples are NOT dacron.
2. our National Rating -- cast in iron 25 years ago -- was set up dacron to dacron ... the rest of the phrf racers have kicked it up ... we fall behind
3. J30 work horse is the Main
4. I am looking at ONE NA for the next three years in Dacron, but 30+ regattas not in dacron.
5. In Narragansett Bay we "may" get 3 OD regattas a summer but only if we get 5 boats. I think there was 1 OD regatta last summer, and one of the 5 registered didn't do the races.

maybe I can rent a dacron for the NA? Should be light wind in Marblehead ... unless we get an early hurricane. For the OD events in NB this summer ... I will bring up my heavy full battened dacron.