Sorry - I couldn't resist the opportunity to have Bob's fleet buy me a new main.
More seriously, ever since I've owned my J/30 (1986), J/30 sailors have been moving "up" to J/35's and other fleets. The J/24 fleet, I'll bet, is srinking in numbers at the expense of the j/80 fleet and the Melges 24 fleet. And why, because the J/24 is in the same vintage as the J/30 while the Melges and J/80's are new, high tech and "sexy".
Back to what I said in my post yesterday - if one want's to build the brand and ultimately the OD participation. Attract sailors from the majority of racing. Convince them that a 30 year old boat can be competitive. Attract sailors in Ohio, Chicago, Michigan, etc, etc to buy and race the boats. Build local entities of J/30 fleets that can start racing OD. Make the boat competitive in the venue where it is raced most and don't make those sailors go buy a second main to race OD. And in the mean time, Bob when you order my new sail my sail number is 41230