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I am assuming you are referring to Vectran. Vectran is an excellent performing sailcloth as well.

Yes - Vectron is the Hood Sails brand name for a fabric that is made from Vectran. It is a woven cloth with polyester (Dacron) and high tenacity Vectran fibers. This from the Hood Sail website

In 1995 Hood launched Vektron® sailcloth, a breakthrough in sailcloth technology, utilising Vektran® fibre to weave a higher strength, lighter weight woven fabric with superior durability and longevity. Vektran® is the trade name of CNA, a liquid crystal polymer fibre which is underwoven with super high tenacity polyester. This process which has a worldwide patent, has been pioneered by Hood Textiles in Ireland. Because Vektron sailcloth is fully woven not subject to the delamination and handling problems inherent in laminate construction.