Sorry for any confusion about the free main... the only thing I can offer is that apparently for some, sarcasm can be a difficult concept to grasp. In the future, I'll try to write a little slower smile
In reference to one design fleet sizes, when I lived in NJ, a cusotmer once told me that New Yorkers thought that the US ended at the Hudson. In my 10 years in Mass. I learned that most New Englanders think of the Connecticut river as the end of the universe. Apparently, some in Annapolis have similar restricted vision.
And, as an FYI, Etchell's, Melges 24's J/22's, and J/80's are all raced mostly in one design. Those boats are technically not PHRF legal for any offshore races without lifelines. Since those boats are so focused in OD, they could all use cardboard sails if their classes so decided. Thus it seem that the reference to using dacron sails (did I guess right) doesn't really compare to the J/30.