1979 J/30 Hull # 112 SLINGSHOT - Seattle, WA
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SLINGSHOT is a solid fast J/30, who needs a bit of spit and polish to really make her shine. I've kept her as a race boat for the last 3 years, and haven't paid much attention to cosmetics. Only what we needed to go fast safely.

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She has a raw water cooled 2QM15 that starts even when it's below freezing out. She has the original winches, all in good working order. The amenities all work fine, toilet, sinks, alcohol stove, etc. The deck under both primaries has been recored, and the area under the mast was redone, removing the aluminum plate and replacing it GX10.

- New Balto-plate bottom, 2012
- New life lines, 2011
- Garmin N2K Wind and speedo/depth, 2011
- New halyards and Sheeves, 2010
- Lots of new deck hardware
- Backstay controls run to main trimmer
- diesel heater and table aren't kept on the boat, but are in working order
- new toe rails 2011/2012
- new jabsco head 2009
- new bomar front hatch 2012

- Quantum Racing Main, 2010
- Quantum Fusion X (1 piece laminate) #1, 2009
- Quantum .75 oz Spinnaker, 2009
- old 1.5 oz spinnaker, still fast in the breeze
- old north cruising main
- pretty nice north radial #2
- old dacron #3
- old .75 oz cruising spinnaker

Here's the bad. She needs a bit of polish, gel coat, etc. There are a few wet areas in the deck, but only one with delimitation. I will probably get it fixed soon, unless I find a buyer who wants otherwise. There was cracking around the chainplates at some point, so they extended them another 18" or so. I haven't had any problems. I had them off last year, and the core was dry. The interior is in poor cosmetic shape (like the outside) but some sanding and varnish could fix her right up. The keel seeps a little bit. I had the boat yard look at this, and they said not to worry about it.

Asking $18,000.

Contact: Grady Morgan gradymorgan@gmail.com
Phone (979) 571-5826

Boat donated to Sail Sand Point Community Boating in Seattle

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Grady Morgan
Slingshot - Hull #112